Our Rates

The following forms are required to be filled out prior to our first sitting:

  • Contract for clients of Katherine's Care (This is for the protection and safety of all 

parties involved.  just has basic information.  A copy is given to you if wanted)

  • Vet Release Form (so there are not any problems with the vet in case of emergency)
  • Pet info Sheets ( a sheet for each pet with vital information about each pet, like feeding times, etc). Please keep this up to date, so I can take care of your babies correctly.

These only need to be filled out once, unless things change.

The Individual Sitting contract needs to be filled out each time, this is just to let me know of what I need for that sitting and shows proof that I am allowed to be there during that time frame.

 As a part of our services we offer:

  • Receipts
  • Written, email or text Daily Reports
  • Pet report cards

 Pet services include:

  • Feeding
  • Walks: 15-60 minutes
  • Brushing
  • Administration of medicine
  • Litterbox cleaning​

 Live-in home services include :

  •  Watering plants/lawn
  • Bringing in newspapers/mail
  • Turning on/alternating lights
  • Opening/closing blinds
  • Carrying trash in/out
  • Washing sheets (or stripping bed if perferred)

Here is a list of some pets I have watched before:

  • ​dogs
  • cats
  • horses
  • birds
  • fish
  • ducks (it was a duck pond on a farm, I fed them once a day)
  • goats
  • a pig (once)
  • bunnies
  • turtles


Pet Care

I just wanted to let you know that I do prefer cash but I do have a PayPal account as well if you would like to pay that way. 

If for any reason you would like to mail a check that is accepted too. 

  • $40 for the first pet per day
  • $5 for each additional pet
  • ​emergency fee (less than 24 hours notice)  $15

Our rates also include gas and travel time. We don't charge for these because of  our love for fur babies!

​​Payment options: