Pet Care


Customer Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of pets do you care for?

We will care for most kinds of pets, except spiders, snakes, or the "creepy crawly"  kind. I have taken care of gerbils, hamsters, guniea pigs, ferrets, dogs, cats, birds, lizzards, fish and even an ant farm.

What breed of dogs do you care for?
Most breeds. As long as your pet is friendly and loveable I will not have a problem. I know a lot of people will not watch Pit Bulls but as long as they are the friendly and loveable kind (not aggressive) I will be ok with them.

 What makes Katherine's Care pet/house sitting service different from the others?
Katherine's Care will strive to do the very best we can to take care of your pets and your home. You will find everything the way you left it (sometimes even better as we tend to do some cleaning while we are there, for example if there were dirty dishes left, they will be washed and put away). we take maxium pride in caring for your home and your pets.

  Why do you care for pets?
We love pets of every kind, we believe that they should not be left alone and they should be loved and cared for. All pets want to do is be loved and we believe in giving them that love.

Do you know pet first aid?
Yes we do. We have taken the Red Cross pet first aide course so you will know your pet is in the best of hands and if anything should go wrong when you are not there you will have the satisfaction of knowing we will do everything in our power to make sure your pet is safe.

What is the purpose of the "free in home consulation"?
 The purpose is to make sure that you, I and your pets are a good fit and that we will know all of the ins and outs of how to care for your pet and your home while you are away.

 Can I make last minute arrangements?
 You are more than welcome to call me and see if there is a way for me to come at the last minute. We usually will do everything we can to help you out in your time of need. Don't worry there will not be a price difference for last minute arrangements, my prices stay the same, except for a $15 fee for the rush.

Do you stay at my home while I am away?
Yes, we do stay at your home so we can take care of your home as well and to deter from any burglaries from anyone who may be casing your area.

 Would you stay part time or full time at my home?
We usually stay full time at your home (24 hours) while you are away this is to make sure your pets are cared for fully, but we will stay part time (either at night or during the day) if you prefer. Sorry my rates do not change for part time since they are already lower than anyone else in the Valley that we have found.

What if I find a lower rate but I like your services and what you offer?
If you have proof of the lower rate, We will price match it.

How do I pay for services?
We have clients that leave the contract on the table along with the payment for when we get there and then when they land in Phoenix they let me know and we can leave then.  and we also have a client that is there when we get there but I leave before they get home and they Pay-pal me the payment. We also have clients who are there when we get there and we wait for them to get home and pay us then. Which ever you feel most comfortable we will work with. We know that when you come home from a long trip the last thing you would like to do is to deal with me and payment. 

What method payments do you accept?
I will accept cash or Pay-pal   I am sorry please no checks as I don't have a bank account and banks now charge a $6 fee to cash a check from you.

What if I would like to have you watch my house and pets while I am away but you are already booked?
Depending on what you are looking for (part time or full time) and what I have booked for that time we may be able to work something out that would be best for all of us and what the client wants when we are there. We have 2 client's that are 3 miles apart from each other and I don't need to be at one clients house all of the time just go back and check on them a couple of times a day, let them out and feed them and we don't have to be there at night and the other client likes me to be there most of the time so it works out great. Don't worry both clients know about this when we get double booked with these 2 clients.

 If you have any other questions that I have not answered here please feel free to give me a call or text me or email me.  You can find my information under the "contact me" tab.