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About Katherine

About Lee

I met Lee when I first moved to Phoenix. We both were going through a divorce so we helped each other a lot. ​Lee and I have lived together for 11 years now and he loves my babies just as much as I do. He is the only daddy they have known. 

Lee has had a hard life but he has worked his way up by himself and I am very proud of him. It must not have been easy for him.


Year 2015 was a really hard year for me. My dad was really sick with Cancer so he was in and out of the hospital all of the time. on March 22 at 11:33 A.M. he passed away. my mom and sister were there along with my sisters husband and Lee. I was holding my dads hand (my mom and sister were on the other side of the bed holding his other hand) when my dad passed. 15 minutes later I noticed that my dad was still holding my hand when he let go of my mom and sister. I went a little crazy but Lee and the Pastor calmed me down. My sister then helped me to remove my hand from my dad. 

My mom doesn't drive and my sister lives in Flagstaff so when my dad was sick those 4 months Lee and I were the only drivers. 

Lee and I lived on the other side of town so when my dad died we searched and searched and finally found a house that is next to my mom. We are now 3 minutes away from her so anything she needs we are there. 

​My parents were married for 45 years and at first my mom went crazy (you probably could imagine) so I spent the first 3 months taking care of her. I was not able to accept any pet sitting jobs during that time. 

Since our move we now live on 83rd Ave and Indian School. We moved from an apartment to a house and we are loving the house and our babies are loving the big back yard. :) although the extra expenses are a little harder. 

 I did house/pet sitting in Virginia when I was married. I had 2 cats then, one of them passed away from a stroke on Valentines Day 2007 and my 17 year old kitty was put down, one of the hardest choices I had to make, her arthritis was so bad she could not stand up and kept falling, I was worried I would come home one day to see her fallen on the floor laying there suffering for God knows how long, so I had to make that very hard decision. When my kitty passed we (my fiance and I looked for another kitty all day the next day, I refused to come home until we found one as I never had a pet die when I was home before and I was very much hurt and tired of crying and I heard that you should get another pet right away to help with the healing process. 

I have a chihuahua/miniature pincher mix, she is 8 years old  a friend gave her to me as a puppy when I was going through my divorce.  She is spoiled rotten, she sleeps with me at night, under the covers right next to me, in fact I roll over her all of the time because she is so close to me! LOL.  There have been times I wondered what I would have done without her. I had a mini palmarian that my sister had and gave to my mom, my mom has 2 large dogs and  they always beat her up so when I moved back to Phoenix I would not let her stay with the big dogs, so I took her away. She passed away in Jan 09 in my arms sitting at the vets office. When she passed I looked all over for another puppy and found a Kentucky Leopard/Shepherd mix.  She is a big puppy but I love her to death.  She has recently come to sleep with me as well, there is not much room in my bed for me now with my 2 dogs. LOL. They really are spoiled rotten, my fiance always tells me not to buy toys for them as I cant help myself. He will not let me go to the pet section of Walmart or Petsmart by myself as I spend too much money on toys and treats for them. 

One time when my mom and I was walking through the parking lot of Walmart I found a puppy in a box crying, it was the middle of summer and the box was sitting on the parking lot ground so you know it must have been hot. I took her home, we named her Tipper as she was all brown except for a white tip on her tail.  We kept her for several months and fell in love with her but we lived in a small apartment at the time and was not able to keep her as she would grow up to be a big dog. I looked all over for the right no kill shelter (called Halo on 35th Ave and Camelback) and Lee brought her there as I was not able to go to give her up but I knew it was the right thing to do.
My sister owned Sunshine Pet Parlor for 8 years and sold it due to 4 children (who I babysat on a regular basis) and moved to Flagstaff and now is the owner of Classy Canine Pet Grooming where I work for 2 weeks in the summer as a receptionist, when the receptionist goes on vacation.  I do not have any human kids  just my 2 fur babies so getting away to house/pet sit is easy although I do miss my fur babies when I am gone but I know my fiance takes good care of them and I do come home to check on them and to spend some time with them every couple of days. I would not leave my loved ones with anyone else unless they proved trustworthy.  As you can see I am a big animal lover of all kinds.